In the fall of 2012 Daniel Rettig and Hendrik Schneider visited Las Vegas for seven weeks with the aim of creating an unusual portrait of the city and its people. The resulting publication “Views On Vegas” and contains a series of forty-two portraits and interviews with Las Vegas citizens as well as visual impressions of the city beyond the famous Strip. After winning a DDC Award and being nominated for the German Design Award by the German Design Council, Rettig and Schneider re-edited and re-designed the book to publish it together with seltmann+söhne.

German Design Award 2014 – Nominee DDC Award

Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread
Views On Vegas – Book Double Spread

Las Vegas, the glittering metropolis in the Mohave Desert, is commonly known for its exorbitance. Despite the fact that the famous Strip is just a four-mile stretch, gambling, weddings and excessive parties are the main subjects to be associated with the city. The book “Views On Vegas” by German photographers Daniel Rettig and Hendrik Schneider portrays the city aside of established clichés. Rettig and Schneider photographed inhabitants in their personal surroundings and conducted intimate interviews about their relationships with this allegedly unusual place of residence. Images of the city deliberately play with common expectations and complement the journey beyond the famous Strip. The combination of photographs and interviews provides unusual and very personal insights. “Views On Vegas” is a snap-shot of a city in a constant state of change – a book for everyone interested in taking a look behind the neon facade!


Views On Vegas
232 Pages
ISBN 978-3-944721-36-1
Printed in Germany


 Featured in:

Jack Clements, Police Officer

Las Vegas isn’t just the Strip. When
you get away from that 4-mile
stretch, this is a regular community
like any other city. It’s a big city,
but it has a small town feel.

Jack Clements

Betty Willis, Designer

Vegas has always been fabulous.
The fact that there is
even a town here is amazing.

Betty Willis

Zane Lamb

I don’t understand why people
are so amazed that I grew
up in Vegas, because honestly —
you can’t really do anything
here until you are twenty-one.

Zane Lamb

Natalie Young, eat

I love Las Vegas. I own my own restaurant
and I came to the table with nothing
except for passion , skill and the love of
food. Where else could that happen?

Natalie Young

Mack Smith Jr., Barber

I love living in Las Vegas,
I love it — but I wish I could
have it back like it was.

Mack Smith Jr.

Vegas Highway

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Daniel Rettig, a trained photographer, and Hendrik Schneider, a trained media designer, met during their studies in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany.
After graduating with honors at the beginning of 2013, they joined forces and founded Stick Up Studio; a design agency focusing on photography, branding and publication design.
Their studio won a DDC Award for the book ‘Views On Vegas’ and was nominated for the German Design Newcomer Award 2014 by the German Design Council.

Daniel Rettig and
Hendrik Schneider

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